Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmer Pond skimmers are mechanical filters which remove surface debris from the pond before it falls to the bottom.  Mechanical filtration is one of the key elements of the Ecosystem Pond. We recommend an out-of-the-pond skimmer which pre-filters the pond water to prevent pump clogging and also serves as the pump vault and overflow system. Also, we recommend pond skimmers with either brushes or a horizontal mat rather than the skimmers on the market that utilize a vertical mat which can starve the pump of water when the mat becomes plugged with debris.

Pond skimmers are sized based on the flow rate of the pump which they contain. The main concern for proper installation is setting the skimmer at the proper elevation. We recommend Aquascape’s Signature Series™ skimmer which includes an adjustable face plate for easy level adjustment and a rigid basket for quick cleaning. Normal maintenance requires cleaning out the skimmer basket weekly and the skimmer pad monthly, this will normally take less than 5 minutes per week. All pond skimmer maintenance can be performed outside of the pond without ever getting your feet wet!

True Pump carries Aquascape pond skimmers, the #1 selling pond skimmers in the water garden industry. We have many different models available that will accommodate pumps from 1,000 to 20,000 gallons per hour.

Pond Skimmer