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Contractor Build A Pond Seminars True Pump & Aquascape are committed to being the educational leaders in the Pond Industry!

We present a variety of seminars to fit any level of experience, from the beginner who is just starting out to the seasoned pond builder. Pick the seminars that best fit your needs and sign-up today!

Put our experience and passion to work for you!

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Build A Pondless Waterfall Day


This hands-on seminar will include the installation of the Aquascape Pondless Waterfall System and construction of a waterfall and stream. Pondless® Waterfalls are perfect for the customer who is new to water features or has limited outdoor living space or for customers who already have a beautiful water garden and are looking for more options. The seminar will also focus on design, crew efficiency, marketing and selling. Pondless® Waterfall installations are profitable and most can be completed in one day, so why not learn how to incorporate them into your repertoire? Seminar cost is $29.00

Register online or call 303-744-3505 or email for more information.

Build A Pond Day


In this construction-based course, we will cover the 20 steps to building an Aquascape pond and demonstrate how simple the process can be.  The project will consist of installing a basic 8' x 11' pond using the 20 component and 20 step installation process.  The seminar will also focus on the general design, sales, marketing, trouble-shooting, and time-saving tips that True Pump has perfected over the years.  Upon completion, contractors will have a good working knowledge of the Aquascape system and the function of its main components.  Most importantly, you will understand how to build ponds beautifully, efficiently and naturally.  Seminar cost is $29.00

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Learn, Build, Earn Seminar


Looking to expand your services with water features? True Pump & Aquascape are excited to be partnering together to bring you a rewarding business opportunty. We will be offering hands-on training sessions to help you LEARN, to partner with you as you BUILD and gain experience to move from beginner to Certified Aquascape Contractor. All along the way you will EARN profit margins of 50% or more! This seminar will include the installation of a fountainscape and will also focus on the sales and marketing tools you can use to promote this your customers. This is a FREE seminar but registration IS required.

Register online or call 303-744-3505 or email for more information.

Advanced Build A Pond Day


Advanced BAPs are two day seminars designed for installers with several water garden projects already completed who will benefit from experiencing an installation with a few twists and turns which aren't covered in the Standard BAP. The project will normally start with a pre-excavated pond and you'll be adding streams and multiple waterfalls to the standard design. Seminar cost is $99.00

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Contractor Build A Pond Seminars