• biOrb Flow 30 Black

The Oase biOrb Flow 30 Aquarium is a simple aquarium to set up and own. The BiOrb Flow uses the proven biOrb filtration system and is equipped with multi-color remote controlled lighting that can be lit by any of the sixteen pre-set colors. You can relax as the aquarium gently fades through the entire spectrum of colors or select the day and night setting for a more natural scene. You can also control the brightness, making these controls a joy to use. The biOrb Flow is ideal for keeping small fish or shrimp and is compact enough to place on your desk or in a small space. The biOrb Flow 8 gallon aquarium includes low voltage air pump, filtration system and MCR LED light unit with remote control (Plants and decor items shown are NOT included and must be ordered separately).  The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass and backed by a 2 year warranty. To maintain your biOrb all you do is simply replace the filter cartridge every four weeks and change a third of the water. You can enjoy all the technology of an advanced aquarium set up, supplied in one box, making the biOrb Flow Aquarium the perfect aquarium for anyone new to fish keeping.  15.0"W x 10.2"L x 15.4"H

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biOrb Flow 30 Black

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