If you're looking for a beautiful all-in-one aquarium kit then the Oase biOrb Classic 15 Set is for you. You can be up and running in no time, everything you need is in one box. It really is a case of just adding water and fish. The biOrb Classic Aquarium has a biological filtration system that is bigger than other similar sized aquariums. The biOrb Classic is a 4 gallon illuminated aquarium equipped with a Standard LED Light, a Samuel Baker Green Flower Trunk sculpture, a small crimson Sea Fan, a white Sea Lily a green Marble Pebble set and low voltage air pump. The aquarium itself is made from acrylic which is ten times stronger than glass and backed by a 2 year warranty. To maintain your biOrb all you need to do is simply replace the filter cartridge every six weeks and change a third of the water every two weeks. All in all, a perfect starter aquarium with all the performance you'd expect from a bigger set up. 12"dia. x 13"H

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biOrb Classic 15 Silver Set

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