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RainXchange System

RainXchange System

Larger Rain Water Harvesting systems can be constructed using a sub-surface RainXchange® System. This system is a revolutionary design that combines a re-circulating decorative water feature with a sub-surface Rain Water Harvesting storage system. The clean, filtered water that is stored can be used for irrigation or to maintain the water level in the decorative water feature. (Please note that Rainwater Harvesting is restricted in Colorado, see article below)

More information on Rain Water Harvesting

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  1. Downspout Filter

    Downspout Filter


    Aquascape Downspout Filter, First stage filter for RainXchange® system
    Learn More
  2. Small AquaBlox®

    Small AquaBlox®


    Small AquaBlox®, 17 gallon volume
    Learn More
  3. Large AquaBlox®

    Large AquaBlox®


    Large AquaBlox®, 32 gallon volume
    Learn More
  4. Snorkel™ Vault

    Snorkel™ Vault


    Large Snorkel™, used with the Centipede™
    Learn More
  5. Snorkel™ Vault Extension

    Snorkel™ Vault Extension


    Snorkel™ Vault Extension, used with the Aquascape Large Snorkel™, 14"D x 27.5"H
    Learn More
  6. Centipede™, 3 ft.

    Centipede™, 3 ft.


    Centipede™, 3 ft. long, used with the Large Snorkel™
    Learn More

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